Placenta tincture

All placenta services begin with a prenatal phone consultation with a placenta specialist.

Placenta tinctures are only available when purchased with Placenta Capsules.

Pick Up

– Your placenta will be picked up by a specialist from your birth site within 2-8 hours of delivery.

– Your placenta will be stored carefully at the correct temperature until the dehydration process begins.

– The client is responsible for keeping their placenta refrigerated or on ice until the Specialist can pick it up.

Placenta Tincture Infusion

– 4 oz. of 80 proof vodka with a thumbnail size piece of placenta

– The placenta tincture must remain in a dark place for 6 weeks before it can be used


– Delivery of your placenta tincture to the address of your choice.

– A Standard Umbilical Cord Keepsake is included in encapsulation services.

– A recommended schedule for taking your tincture will be included.

– Postpartum follow-up calls are available as needed.

Placenta Tincture - South Florida Placenta Encapsulation Services

The placenta tincture has been shown to help regulate hormones and boost energy levels, making it a beneficial supplement for moms experiencing stress or significant life changes. It can also be great to have handy when you begin to go through menopause.