All placenta services start with a prenatal phone consultation.


– Your placenta will be picked up from your birth site within 2-8 hours of delivery and kept at the correct temperature until the dehydration process begins
– The client is responsible for keep their placenta refrigerated or on ice until the specialist can pick it up


– Your placenta will be dehydrated at a low temperature (as to not kill off any nutrients) for approximately 10-12 hours
– After the pieces are completely dry they will then be ground into powder form and put into the capsules
– You can expect to receive between 100-150 capsules from your placenta


You receive:
– Delivery of your placenta capsules to the address of your choice
– Your umbilical cord keepsake
– A recommended schedule for taking your capsules
– Postpartum follow-up calls as needed

Price: $250 with pickup and drop off

Discount: *A 15% discount will be given if you choose to have a relative or friend drop off and pick up

For deliveries greater than 15 miles there is a $75 delivery fee and a $50 deposit required.

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