placenta capsules


Placenta is dehydrated at a low temperature as to not kill off any nutrients,  ground into powder form and encapsulated. Yields 100-150 capsules.

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Placenta Tincture


A thumbnail size piece of placenta is placed in a squeeze-dropper bottle with 4oz of 80 proof vodka. Tincture must infuse for 6 weeks before first use.

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placenta smoothie

Smoothies – Unavailable due to COVID-19 policies

A small portion of placenta is prepared into a delicious smoothie onsite and is for immediate consumption. Often made in addition to capsules and tinctures.

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Help your body recover

Placenta consumption can help you avoid the baby blues and help your body naturally recover from childbirth.

80% of all women experience some sort of postpartum mood disorder after giving birth.

The most common type of postpartum is referred to as the “baby blues”. Symptoms include weepiness, sadness & anxiety and these negative emotions can last for several weeks of the new baby’s life.

The placenta is rich in the hormones that allowed the pregnancy to thrive. Consuming your placenta after birth replenishes these much needed hormones and helps to alleviate the negative thoughts and feelings.